Planetary Mantras

Vedic astrology is unique in that it gives you many ways to work with the negative planetary influences in a horoscope. There are forms of ceremonial worship (pujas and yagnas), gemstones, color therapy, and several other popular methods to mitigate the difficult karmas in your life.

But by far the easiest, most inexpensive, and powerful way to work with the planets in your chart is through the use of mantras. Mantras are special sequences of sound that use vibratory energy to tune into the frequencies of the universe. When you recite a mantra in honor of a planet, you soothe and heal all the difficult energies of that planet in your life.  The mantra also encourages the positive energies from that same planet to flow toward you.

Here are the basic mantras for each of the nine Vedic planets:

Sun: Om Suryaaya namah

Moon: Om Chandraaya namah

Mars: Om Mangalaaya namah

Mercury: Om Budhaaya namah

Jupiter: Om Gurave namah

Venus: Om Shukraaya namah

Saturn: Om Shaanaish-charaaya namah

Rahu: Om Raahave namah

Ketu: Om Ketave namah