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Get the Love You Deserve

When you will meet the right person? How compatible are you with your new love? Is there sexual chemistry?  

Achieve Optimal Health

What are the hidden causes of your troubles? How will your health fare in the future? What can relieve your current difficulties?  

Find Financial Security

What type of work suits you best? When will your career reach its peak? How much income can you expect to have?

Connect with Spirit

  When your spiritual life will blossom? What teachings and practices work the best for you? Which teachers are you in alignment with?


Get Professional, Experienced, Accurate Answers to Your Questions

My life’s journey has included many decades of meditation, travel and study in India and Asia, and intensive Hindu and Buddhist practice. And I’ve been a Vedic astrologer for almost twenty years. I offer in-depth readings that are sensitive, insightful, accurate, and tailor-fitted to your needs, culture, and viewpoint.

Whether you are interested in discovering your hidden potentials, charting the course of your future, finding the perfect love for your life, discovering the right spiritual practices for your soul, or you simply have important questions that need answering, I can help.

The ancient and powerful science of vedic astrology allows a jyotishi (vedic astrologer) to read your karma, and thereby to help you understand what is in store for you. Additionally, if your karma is difficult, I can recommend ways to relieve it that are personally suited to you.

I make my home in the San Francisco Bay Area (California, USA) and do readings in person there. If you are located in the US or Canada, we can speak by phone. Everywhere else, Skype. I look forward to hearing from you.

~ Mahesh


KKaB"My annual Skype readings with Mahesh provide the astrological superstructures upon which I (by nature nebulous and indecisive) am able to hang the whole of my year's planning. His readings set up clear markers for what's ahead in such a way that supports my decision-making without making my decisions for me. I also tremendously appreciate the depth of his spiritual learning, both intellectual and individual, which is paramount for me in seeking out advice on any plane. I truly value not only the accurateness of his readings, but also the genuineness of his opinions of them, as I know that they come from a place of true inspiration and friendship."
K.K., author, New York, NY


What People Are Saying

I keep coming back to Mahesh because his predictions are right on—timely and appropriate. He says to expect a promotion, and there’s a promotion. He reminds me of the issues I grapple with over and over, which helps me keep my eye out for them and not get bogged down with those problems. A great resource!


I highly recommend the services of astrologer Mahesh. On three separate occasions now, I have come to Mahesh with both general and specific questions concerning my career, certain relationships, my financial situation, and my spiritual path/ practices. Each time Mahesh provided very specific feedback and insight concerning these areas and offered useful suggestions and solutions to difficulties I’d been experiencing. Mahesh’s intuitive and practical understanding of astrology and genuine care about others is second to none. I’ve received many astrological consultations in my day and rank Mahesh at the very top.

Matt L.

This sweet powerful wise soul sat with me for many hours explaining some mind-opening details about my life and the why of it all for my soul’s journey as well as my gifts. So much made sense as he unfolded the information. This was like no other reading. I felt as if this man was gazing into my soul’s story whilst telling me what spirit tries to tell me in the dreaming as well as the waking states. He is the real deal for sure.


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